Richard Boyce

Director and Specialist Family Business Advisor - Global

Iain Blakeley

Director (NZ) and Specialist Family Business Advisor - New Zealand

Richard is the Chairman and Executive Director of Family Capital 100.


He has a unique blend of experience, being a practising chartered accountant, tax agent and 5th generation member of a family that owns businesses across Australia and UK. He is a specialist family  business advisor and has worked with many leading global business families to develop their generational family corporate model.

Richard has worked with leading  entrepreneurial families through his role as Oceania Lead Partner for Ernst & Young’s (EY) Global Family  Business Centre of Excellence and his families firm - BOYCE Chartered Accountants, which is the largest  Agribusiness specialist firm in Australia. He is an academic director of the global Family Firm Institute (FFI), a  strategic consultant to Family Business Australia (FBA), Chair of RMIT University School of Accounting, and an independent board member of a number of generational family businesses.

Richard’s passion is family enterprises and providing the support structures and mentoring to see  generational families succeed for future generations.

Iain is a highly experienced Non-Executive Director, Barrister, tax specialist and family business specialist advisor across New Zealand and Fiji. He is a Director of Family Capital 100 NZ together with Richard.

Having worked with New Zealand's leading private and family owned businesses for over 20 years, Iain specialises in governance, structuring, succession, intergenerational wealth management, growth strategies and risk management. He works with families in the set up and management of their family offices, designs family charters and family governance architecture. Iain holds a number of Family Board positions and advisory roles across Oceania as well as a number of not-for-profit interests.

Iain has been an Executive Director and Partner for Ernst & Young New Zealand across their Law division and Private Client Services. Iain holds a BA/LLB and is a Barrister and Solicitor in the High Courts of New Zealand and Fiji, Commissioner for Oaths. He is a member of the Property Law Section and the New Zealand Law Society. 

With the launch of Family Business New Zealand (FBNZ) in 2019, Iain was appointed as the inaugural Chairperson. FBNZ has been developed alongside Family Business Australia and provides New Zealand families with a membership organisation providing education and networking.

Dennis Jaffe

Dennis is the leading global researcher in the field of family businesses. He is a clinical psychologist and an organisational consultant who specialises in values, governance, next generation leadership and the study of 100 year families. As a founding member of the Family Firm Institute, Dennis has designed and delivered educational courses and written extensively for the Family Business Review. He is also a regular contributors to family business and family office publications across the globe.


Having built and delivered assessment tools for family business in organisational transformation and leadership Dennis has pioneered values based success across multi-generational families. Dennis has a B.A in Philiospohy, M.A in Management and Ph.D in Sociology from Yale University and has served on boards of Universities and Family Business organisations across Asia, Australia, Middle East and United States of America. Dennis provides global education and consulting services clients.

Head of Research

Lea Boyce


Lea has extensive experience working with leading global family businesses and generational families.  Lea has worked across media, agribusiness, property and hospitality industries both managing the families financial interests in these sectors and supporting the development and management of family investments.


As a specialist family office professional, Lea works closely with the matrilineal descendants in families and with young female entrepreneurs. As the 5th generation of a strong and passionate European family she understands and respects the importance of family relationships and inter-generational communication. With her background in anthropological and gender studies Lea provides a unique approach working within different cultures and blended families.


Lea is an active board member and an Advisory Board Member of Family Business Australia and a member of Australian Institute of Company Directors and Family Firm Institute (FFI). She is also active in philanthropy and is actively involved in a number of not-for-profit organisations. 

Jeremy is a senior international management professional with senior leadership and project management roles in corporate and family businesses.  With a background from a generational entrepreneurial business family, Jeremy is the 3rd generation in a global family that owns farming and business interests. He was integral in managing the succession between 2nd and 3rd generations of his global family and sibling/cousin group.


Jeremy is the Program Director for Family Capital 100 who is responsible for development and oversight of the global services available to clients.

Jeremy Hagenbach

Program Director

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